In 1149, there was a spectacular, yet failed attempt on the life of the Emperor of the Wendish Empire, Milosz II. While he was traveling with a small retinue and some of his closest friends around the Barony of Krakow, he and his party came upon a tavern. Needing a meal and a rest from traveling, the desides to stop at this nondescript establishment. As he entered the tavern, Milosz II noticed a foul odor eminating from the floorboards. Even before he sat down, he was perturbed by the ordorous stench. He immediately asked the barkeep as to why the tavern smelled so horrid. The Emperor's imposing stature and piercing gaze shattered the facade put up by the barkeep. He admitted to constructing a cesspool underneath the tavern, waiting for toxic gasses to fill the tavern, which would eventually explode when in contact with a flame, hopefully when the Emperor was inside. Utterly shocked by this plan, he rushed back to the Imperial Court at Krakow, with the barkeep in chains. Milosz had him tortured unitl he spoke. He confessed that he was hired by Przemyslaw Piast, Milosz's own uncle, and the Duke of Livonia! The barkeep claimed that Przemyslaw wanted the throne for himself. Milosz ordered Przemyslaw to Krakow. He arrived, and presented himself to Milosz in the court. Milosz told his uncle to accompany him at the Imperial Gardens to admire the flowers. He agreed, and they sat down in the garden in the warm Spring afternoon. They discussed internal politics and taxes, as well as souring relations with the Ruthenians and the invasion of Finland. However, the conversation's focused quickly shifted to the attempt on the life of Milosz II. Przemyslaw claimed that he had not known of the attempt, and was concerned for his (the Emperor's) well-being. Milosz smiled, and, with that signal, an archer from a balcony overlooking the garden took aim, and released his notched arrow, striking Przemyslaw in the neck. He staggered to the ground, with blood flowing profusely from the wound. Milosz stood up from the stone bench, quietly plucked a rose from a nearby bush, admired and smelled it, and placed it beside his dying uncle. Przemyslaw's blood was slowly enveloping the rose. "I admire the ingenuity, uncle." Those were the last words Przemyslay heard. Although beside his dead uncle, Milosz still had his trademark sadistic, cunning smile. He plucked another rose from the rose bush, smelled it, and said "Smells better than that tavern". He then breaks the fourth wall and winks at the audience.

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