• AHeapOfFilth

    In 1149, there was a spectacular, yet failed attempt on the life of the Emperor of the Wendish Empire, Milosz II. While he was traveling with a small retinue and some of his closest friends around the Barony of Krakow, he and his party came upon a tavern. Needing a meal and a rest from traveling, the desides to stop at this nondescript establishment. As he entered the tavern, Milosz II noticed a foul odor eminating from the floorboards. Even before he sat down, he was perturbed by the ordorous stench. He immediately asked the barkeep as to why the tavern smelled so horrid. The Emperor's imposing stature and piercing gaze shattered the facade put up by the barkeep. He admitted to constructing a cesspool underneath the tavern, waiting for to…

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