Romuva is the traditional ethnic religion of the Baltic peoples, in particular the religious practices of the lithuanians, latvians and old prussians before their Christianization. Romuva continues living Baltic pagan traditions which survived in folklore and customs. Practising the Romuva faith is seen by many adherents as a form of cultural pride, along with celebrating traditional forms of art, retelling Baltic folklore, practising traditional holidays, playing traditional Baltic music, singing traditional dainas or hymns and songs as well as ecological activism and stewarding sacred places.


Baltic paganism is polytheistic, with a pantheon of gods led by Dievs, god of the sky. Other main gods include Perkunas also known as Pērkons, god of thunder and lightning, very similar to the Germanic god Thor and the Slavic Perun. Other important deities include Saule, goddess of the sun and fertility, Daugava and Meness. Defining features in-game:

Head - High Priest Holy sites - Arkona, Briesen, Sejny, Riga, Pochep

  • Can raid neighbours for loot.
  • Low-tech non-pagans have very low Supply Limit in Pagan counties.
  • Can declare Subjugation Wars against all other Pagans.
  • Rulers are limited to Gavelkind Succession.
  • Rulers cannot declare Holy Wars.
  • Inferior at conversion and vulnerable to non-pagan missionaries.
  • Defensive bonuses in Baltic Pagan counties.
  • The Baltic Pagan faith can be Reformed.

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