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 Religions appear in Crusaders Kings II 


Realms by ReligionsEdit

Realms as 1066 ADEdit


  • Catholic
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of Scotland
  • Kingdom of Norway
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Kingdom of Poland
  • Kingdom of Hungary
  • Kingdom of Croatia
  • Kingdom of France
  • Kingdom of Leon
  • Kingdom of Galicia
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • Kingdom of Castille
  • Kingdom of Navarra
  • Kingdom of Aragon
  • The Papacy
  • Most Serene Republic of Genoa
  • Most Serene Republic of Venice
  • Most Serene Republic of Pisa
  • Republic of Gotland
  • Orthodox
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Kingdom of Armenia
  • Kingdom of Georgia
  • Kingdom of Greece
  • Kingdom of Rus
  • Kingdom of Ruthenia
  • Miaphysite
  • Kingdom of Abyssinia
  • Kingdom of Nubia


  • Sunni
  • Almoravid Sultanate
  • Zirid Sultanate
  • Seljuk Sultanate
  • Sultanate of Khiva
  • Sultanate of Volga-Bulgaria
  • Shia
  • Fatimid Sultanate


  • Tengri
  • Khanate of Cumania

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