Monothelitism is a particular teaching about how the divine and human relate in the person of Jesus, known as a Christological doctrine, that formally emerged in Armenia and Syria in 629. Specifically, monothelitism is the view that Jesus Christ has two natures but only one will. This is contrary to the Christology that Jesus Christ has two wills (human and divine) corresponding to his two natures (dyothelitism). Monothelitism is a development of the Miaphysite or Monophysite position in the Christological debates. Formulated in 638, it enjoyed considerable popularity, even garnering patriarchal support, before being rejected and denounced as heretical in 681.


Monothelitism is a Christological doctrine that was declared heretical in 681. Monothelites attempted to develop the Miaphysite and Monophysite stance on the single nature of Christ by saying he had both a human and a divine nature but only a single will. The nominal head of the Monothelite Church is the Monothelite Patriarch of Antioch. Defining features in-game:

Head - The Monothelite Patriarch

Holy sites - Lebedos, Constantinople, Piraeaus, Jerusalem, Antioch

  • There is always a Patriarch of the East, even if he has no land.
  • Multiple Patriarchs - the five Pentarchs and Autocephalous Patriarchs under Kings.
  • Patriarchs can grant divorces.
  • The Monothelite Patriarch can grant the Invasion Casus Belli.
  • Patriarchs can excommunicate Monothelite characters.

Monothelitism is a heresy of Orthodoxy.

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