Monophysitism is the Christological position that, after the union of the divine and the human in the historical Incarnation, Jesus Christ, as the incarnation of the eternal Son or Word (Logos) of God, had only a single "nature" which was either divine or a synthesis of divine and human. Monophysitism is contrasted to dyophysitism (or dia-, dio-, or duophysitism) which maintains that Christ maintained two natures, one divine and one human, after the Incarnation.


Monophysitism is an early Christian heresy which states that Christ had but a single nature. This is the opposite of the Nestorian position where Christ has two seperate natures - one divine and one human. Closely related to Miaphysitism, Monophysites are regarded as a Miaphysite heresy in-game. The nominal head of the Monophysite Church is the Monophysite Pope of Alexandria. Defining features in-game:

Head - The Monophysite Pope of Alexandria

Holy sites - Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, Aksum, Ghazali

  • There is always a Pope of Alexandria, even if the city falls.
  • Multiple Patriarchs - the five Pentarchs and Autocephalous Patriarchs under Kings.
  • Patriarchs can grant divorces.
  • The Pope of Alexandria can grant the Invasion Casus Belli.
  • Patriarchs can excommunicate Miaphysite characters.

Monophysitism is a heresy of Miaphysitism .

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