Miaphysitism is a Christological formula of the Oriental Orthodox Churches and of the various churches adhering to the first three Ecumenical Councils. Miaphysitism holds that in the one person of Jesus Christ, Divinity and Humanity are united in one or single nature ("physis"), the two being united without separation, without confusion, and without alteration. Historically, Chalcedonian Christians have considered Miaphysitism in general to be amenable to an orthodox interpretation, but they have nevertheless perceived the Miaphysitism of the non-Chalcedonians to be a form of Monophysitism. The Oriental Orthodox Churches themselves reject this characterization.


Miaphysite Christianity encompasses the Coptic Church and the Armenian Apostolic Church. Miaphysites stress Christ had but a single nature, but of both human and divine character.This stance split them off from the main branch of Christianity after the Council of Chalcedon in 451. Though not viewed as outright heretics by Orthodox and Catholic Christians, it is a fine distinction. The nominal head of the Miaphysite Church is the Pope of Alexandria. Defining features in-game:

Head - The Pope of Alexandria a.k.a. The Coptic Pope

Heresy - Monophysite

Holy sites - Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, Aksum, Ghazali

  • There is always a Pope of Alexandria, even if the city falls.
  • Multiple Patriarchs - the five Pentarchs and Autocephalous Patriarchs under Kings.
  • Patriarchs can grant divorces.
  • The Pope of Alexandria can grant the Invasion Casus Belli.
  • Patriarchs can excommunicate Miaphysite characters.

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