Ibadism is a form of Islam distinct from Sunni and Shia Islam denominations. The Tartib al-Musnad and Jami Sahih are the main hadith collections for Ibadis. The Ibāḍī movement is said to have been founded 20 years after the death of Muḥammad. Historians as well as majority of Muslims believe that the denomination is a reformed sect of the Khawārij or Khārijite movement. However, Ibāḍīs continue to deny any but a passing relation to the Khawārij and point out that they merely developed out of the same precursor group.


Ibadism is distinct from both Shia and Sunni Islam. Ibadis believe that souls condemned to Hell will stay there forever. Ibadis also reject the notion that Muslims will get to see Allah on the Day of Judgement. Defining features in game:

  • The Ibadi Caliphate is held by a secular ruler, and can cease to exist.
  • The Ibadi Caliph can subjugate other Ibadi rulers freely.
  • The Ibadi Caliph can declare great Jihads.
  • Ibadi rulers can - and are expected to have - multiple wives.
  • Temple Holdings can be held by anyone without penalty.
  • Ibadi dynasties grow decadent unless the men have enough land and win wars.

Ibadism is separate from Sunni Islam and Shia Islam and is an earlier seperation.

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