Hurufism is a mystical kabbalistic Sufi doctrine founded by Fażlu l-Lāh Astar-Ābādī, also called Fażlullāh Tabrīzī Astarābādī, or Nāimī. According to Fazlallah, the key to open seventh sealed book, the Qur'an, is a kabbalistic system of letters that is expounded by later Hurufis in the Hidayat-nama, Jawidan and in the Mahram-Nama. The Universe is eternal and moves by rotation. God's visage is imperishable and is manifest in Man, the best of forms — zuhur kibriya. God is incarnated in every atom. Hurufis considered Fażlu l-Lāh, a manifestation of God's force after Adam, Moses and Muhammad. God is also embodied in words and the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet and the 32 letters of Persian one are the basis for love and beauty in the world. Seven is a key number corresponding to noble parts of the face, the verses of Al-Fatiha and verbal confession of faith. Man is a supreme copy of the divine and the key to haqiqa.


The Hurufi faith is a mystical, kabbalistic, Sufi sect within Islam, regarded as a heresy. Defining features in game:

  • Muslim rulers can - and are expected to have - multiple wives.
  • Mosque Holdings can be held by anyone without penalty.
  • Muslim dynasties grow decadent unless the men have enough land and win wars.

Hurufism is a heresy of Shia Islam.

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