The scope of the guide is to help you to become Emperor of Hispania.


Hispania is quite a difficult Empire to form when starting in 1066,as the Christian Kingdoms are small and underdevelopped compared to Muslims. Moreover the Christian and Muslim realms are divided... This will be your chance...

Becoming EmperorEdit

Starting situation is the following one. There are only three significant Christian Kingdoms: Leon, Castille and Galicia. Ruled by three brothers so they have claim on each other.

I advise you to start with Castille. Your King has 20 in martial so it will handle the first part of the plan quite easily. Moreover Castille has free investiture and Low Crown authority. First Skip to Middle Crown authority, and attack Leon as soon as possible. Opposition is strong for you but with good tactic and mercenaries you can handle it.

Once you have unified Castille and Leon attack one week in the (possibly in war) Muslim Emir. At this moment you will become the most powerful kingdom in Spain and Muslims included.

Next step is to get High Crown authority and primogeniture. during this consolidation time try to help other Catholic Kingdoms (especially Navarra or Aragon). They will help you in return against Muslim and won't help your damned Gallician family against you...

For Muslim conquest here is my methology of new territories management. When you have acquired a new territory here are your choices:

1 Take the county for you (2 Duchies maximum  County limits).

2 Delegate counties to vassals. My steps are:

  • Create new duchies when you have the opportunity and take the title in the first place
  • Create new vassals in barony. They will be of your religion and your culture.
  • Give each county to a Baron, preferently one off the good type. If you lack of feudal vassal name a church vassal count instead. He will be satisfied and the church too. Never name a merchant vassal that will not be satisfied.
  • Normally should have Counts with 1 barony. Then name one of these count duke.

Consequently you will have vassals of the good religion, culture with few titles and that will not be dangerous before 1 or 2 generations (they will lack of money and troops). This vassals are too weak to desire any kingdoms and will fight each other before turning on you. Moreover if you have High Crown Authority they will not be able to make war with each other. Sooner or later they have good chance to convert new territories to your culture and your religion. And this is what you want :-).

Once you have High Crown authority and Primogeniture, possibly one more Muslim duchy attack consecutively one Muslim and one Christian. Helping other Christian Kingdoms is a safe option but it will slow you at the end because you will have less casus belli against them than Muslims.

Once Hispania is formed you can extend on: South Italy (historical), Northern Africa, Gascogne (if France is weak).

Gabrie Celesta
E spain

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