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Claims are the method by which you claim ownership of territory, they can be acquired by a number of ways. Claims usually give a casus belli against the holder, but not always, this depends on the position of your character in relation to the claim and the current holder.

A claim is an assertion or declaration that something should belong to you. In the game, having a claim on a title means you have a right or justification for it to belong to you. These claims can be used as a form of casus belli to go to war. Claims can either be strong claims or weak claims and are also either inheritable, meaning they pass on to the children of the claimant, or uninheritable, meaning it dies with the claimant.

Strong Claims Edit

A strong claim is the most useful type of claim. Strong claims can be pushed by anyone on almost anyone, usually by factions within a realm. The only exception where strong claims cannot be pushed is when the claimant is female and the titles' gender law is agnatic, meaning women cannot inherit the title. Strong claims are only given to the second and third in line to the title upon the titleholders' death. These claims will be inheritable and pass on to the children of strong claimants in the form of weak claims.

The other way of getting a strong claim on a title is through your chancellor successfully fabricating a claim for you via the fabricate claim mission. However, these claims are uninheritable and so will not pass to the claimant's children upon their death. The Pope can also grant strong claims on titles for good Catholic rulers if the he dislikes the current ruler.

Weak Claims Edit

Weak claims are not as powerful as strong claims and can only be pushed in certain circumstances:

  • The title is held by a female and the claimant is male,
  • The title is in regency due to a young ruler, imprisonment or incapability,
  • The title is currently in a succession crisis (strong or weak claim),
  • The claimant is second or third in line to the title.

All children of the titleholder get weak claims upon their death unless they are second or third in line, in which case they get a strong claim. These weak claims are inheritable to the claimant's children but are uninheritable thereafter. Children of strong claimants will inherit weak claims upon the claimant's death.

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